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Important news for the online interior designer:  Pitching suddenly became (a whole lot) easier:


I think one of the hardest aspects of designing a house or even a restaurant for new clients is getting inside their minds to really nail that first pitch.  I consider myself to be an online interior designer, with much of my advertising, business development and design creation to be done online.   I have a soft spot for easy online tools that simplify my life and enable me to do an even better job (who doesn’t?).  Therefore I am very excited about the newly developed Identistyler - a fantastic new tool for any online interior designer.   I've used it in creating my last 5 pitches and now consider it to be an integral part of my 'pool of tools' I use when creating a pitch.

So how does Identistyler work?   Remarkably simple in concept, and brilliant in its execution, Identistyler presents the potential client with all the right questions in a user friendly way.  The thorough and revealing data gathered is then presented to you in a way that allows you to view and consider ALL the possible factors and criteria to the client’s preferences in design. With this priceless knowledge you can now prepare your pitch in such a way your soon-to-be-clients will be blown away.    Despite everything I learned at collage or in my experience as an online interior designer, I had no idea how much information I was missing out on in my usual fact finding methods.  Even when I had all the info, often bits of it became lost amidst the abundance of ideas or requirements of the client.


Feedback from my clients has also been positive.  They found the Identistyler survey to be quick and fun, and were extremely impressed with the design pitches I was in turn was able to produce for them.  These were not only some of the fastest pitches I have created, but also among the best, with almost a 100% success rate.  I love the professional look of Identistyler and think it can only enhance my business and business image. 


 I urge all online interior designers to try out IdentistylerIdentistyler currently offers a free trial.  Click here for details.  You have nothing to lose!


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