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TV Design Shows and Interior Online Designing

TV home design shows and interior online designing tools fill home owner’s heads with beautiful ideas and inspirations.  As professionals, this presents us with a new set of challenges that Interior designers 20 years ago did not have to contend with.


With so many interior design shows and all types of interior online designing tools, it is little wonder that clients are becoming increasingly inspired, and often confused, as to what they actually want.    The fusing of styles, unrealistic expectations, and preset notions are all too often the source of frustration and time (and money) wastage for both client and interior designer. 


Helping a customer to consolidate and communicate their ideas with you can be a tricky task.  Wouldn't it be so much easier to guarantee you get all the information you need first time around to make the first pitch be the perfect pitch?   This will immediately reflect well on your company and significantly increase your chances of closing the deal and winning the business.   There is one unique interior online designing tool that empowers you to do this.  Identistyler is an online tool which can be sent to the customer.  It gathers all the information an interior designer could possibly need - including not only preferences and budget, but also details of practical needs and inspirations.  The data is processed and presented to the ID what can in turn create an inspiring yet realistic pitch, first time around.


By helping customers to consolidate, understand and communicate their design preferences, Identistyler enables you to create the perfect pitch and win the deal.


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