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Eco-Friendly Interior Design Tools

As designers, decorators and architects, we can use our interior design tools to incorporate eco friendly aspects into almost any home decor or design plan.  Here are our top 5 tips for going green:


1. Online deco plan

It is not just the end result that should be eco-friendly, but also the design process itself.  Do away with old fashioned paper and use only online interior design tools.  In addition to your CAD, exciting new interior design tools such as Identistyler will enable you to create a superior pitch first time around without using a single piece of paper.


2. Materials used

Paints, fabrics... choose and use non toxic versions wherever possible.  Try to use products that have low VOC content or that do not emit VOC altogether.  This is the simplest way to take the 'green approach'.


3. Windows and insulation

Good insulation is essential for minimizing energy usage later on.   Windows are one of the main places where heat is lost. Choose windows that can reflect heat and provide good insulation


4. Understand your client’s needs and budget

Make sure your Eco friendly design ideas are in line with your client’s practical needs and budget.   Like any design, meeting these criteria is essential.  Using interior design tools like Identistyler enable you to get a complete understanding, first time around, of your clients' eco friendly preferences, while considering budget and any practical restraints.


5.  Bamboo floors

Possible the buzz word in eco friendly home design right now, Bamboo.  It is a great alternative to other wooden floor options and can also a material of choice for furniture and even wall coverings.  Use your interior design tools to incorporate the option of bamboo into your plan.


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