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An overview of interior design software tools for professional interior designers. Four of the best options are reviewed.  Read a comparison of affordable and free interior design software for new businesses and professional designers and architects.


1. To enhance business growth and close deals


Ok, so it's not actually a CAD software, but this new and exiting program is well worth a mention in any list of great interior design software tools.  Identistyler was designed to make the lives of Interior designers easier and more productive.   This new product is set to enhance the business of millions of Interior designers and may well become a normal tool used in the day to day running of the business. 


·         Empowers Interior designers with all the information needed to make a winning pitch

·         Create winning pitches for indecisive or uncertain customers

·         Save time and money

·         New product - will help differentiate you from your competitors

·         Enhance your professional image


I sent Identistyler to colleagues to test out with great feedback.  All 6 of them said it helped them create a superior pitch that they would have not otherwise achieved in the first attempt.  4 of them won the project they were pitching for!


2. Generic, fast and affordable


The well known interior design software from Google, Sketchup, is considered rather basic but a great solution for creating relatively quick designs.  It has a fantastic 3D warehouse and a great feature which allows users to import photos of specific items and include them in the design.  On the down side, in the free version the 2D rendered models are pretty unrealistic, there are major limitations with modeling complex surfaces and there are no controlled point lights. 


3. A strong architectural orientation


Archicad is the biggest and most widely used interior design software  for creating architectural plans and evaluations. Superb for producing technical drawings, it allows 2D deigns to instantly be viewed in a 3D model.  It is however, expensive and not the easiest software to learn.  Although, once you know how, it is simple and straight forward.


4. From the Interior Design perpective


Vectorworks Fundamentals interior design software is particularly popular for creating set and lighting designs.  It offers a huge variety of features and can take some time to get to grips with.    It boasts excellent 3D modeling tools and great tools for 2D drafting.  Furthermore it integrates 2D and 3D design extremely well.    Another feature we love is the built in database, and worksheets feature. These are great business tools for creating and managing work schedules, cost and material lists and so on.



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