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The Perfect Pitch for Interior Design Jobs in London

Competition for Interior Design Jobs in London is tougher than ever.   Creating the best possible proposal for potential clients is key to the success of your business.


Here are some important things to consider when pitching for Interior Design Jobs in London.


  • Get inside your clients head!  Winning proposals are the ones that seamlessly incorporate the all the practicalities (budget, space, climate etc), along with the clients style preferences and ideas, while still offering an inspiring design.  Use online tools such as Identistyler to help create your pitch.  This software is remarkable for really getting all the information that you may need from the client in order to create a perfect pitch.  A thorough, yet enjoyable and easy to complete survey is completed by the client.  The information is processed and consolidated for you – leaving you with more time to create that winning pitch.


  • Your portfolio is your business card and your resume.  Don’t cut corners or underestimate the importance of an up to date portfolio when trying to win interior design jobs in London.   An online website to display your work is also a must.   A perfect pitch needs to be complemented with a portfolio that shows you really can deliver.  It may be appropriate to tailor your portfolio to works relevant to a particular project.  Using information gained from tools such as Identistyler will help you to easily do this.


  • People skills are essential.  Your client needs to like you, trust you, and be able to communicate easily with you.  You need to sell your pitch without being too pushy. The most successful interior designers are the ones who find the right balance between friendly and professional, and the client needs to feel like (and know) that they are being listened to.  Of course, all clients are different and the more information you can get about the client before even the first meeting, the better.  Sending them a survey to complete like the Identistyler survey will provide you with huge amounts of information that will enable you to prepare for your first meeting.


Creating the perfect pitch is a skill learned – but following the tips above will fast track you to that place. The better your pitching skills, the more interior design jobs in London you will win.


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