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Challenges of an Interior Designer

A great CAD, the best Home Design Software, a fantastic portfolio... sometimes you need more to complete a project with your sanity and patience levels intact!


The life of an Interior designer can be hard and frustrating:  Indecisive customers, unreliable workmen, late payers, limited  home design software - when I encounter one of these things, I sigh and wait for the inevitable (and at best time consuming) process that we must pass in order to move on in the project.   Learning how to deal with these challenges will make life easier and your business more productive.   


One of the most useful things I have discovered is Identistyler.  Since using it, I am getting a better understanding of my customers real needs and preferences, producing winning proposals first time around, and closing on projects which leave the customer (and me!) thoroughly happy.


The Identistyler Survey helps overcome indecisiveness in customers.  This indecisiveness usually a result of the plethora of design ideas they are bombarded with from home renovation TV shows, the internet and so on.   I am also seeing an increasing amount of customers using their own home design software.  While I think it's great that they can experiment with designs and see how they may look in their own home, this plethora of information can be too much for the non-professional to process. 


Regardless of the CAD or home design software that you use, unless you can really get a true understanding of the clients design wants, needs and practicalities, your design pitches will be pretty much hit and miss.    Identistyler helps me to get into the head of the customer.  Design professionals can send the easy to use survey to their potential and new customers.  The amount of information it extracts, and the brilliant way it is consolidated and presented to me, the designer, enable me to mesh together ideas, eliminate impractical ones and inspire with my own ideas.


What is your biggest gripe as an Interior designer, and have you found any winning ways to overcome it?



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