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Win More Business as an Eco Friendly Interior Designer

As an interior Designer you can also do your bit for the environment and win more business at the same time!  Make sure you are incorporating an eco friendly approach into your design processes:


Exterior Design:  For the building design, ensuring that the space is energy efficient is the key issue to being eco-friendly.  This means considering the heat, lighting and even water usage in order to truly make the space eco friendly.   Insulation, and energy efficient lighting and electrical appliances are the first and most significant steps in achieving this.


Interior Design: For the interior design itself, it is all about the materials used.  It goes without saying that you should be using non toxic fabrics, paints and other materials. Wood is one material where a bit of research can ensure minimize your impact on the environment.  It is essential to understand and know who you are buying from.  Any supplier can tout eco-friendly claims, but it is up to you to verify not only where your wood is coming from, but also how it is collected and transported.    


Business Model: We may be designers, but ultimately we are running a business.  And with business comes paper work.   With the wealth of high quality online tools available, there is little, if any need to use real paper these days.  Most likely your computer already has Invoicing, budgeting, planning and management tools on it.  If not, they can all be easily found on the internet. Even the information gathering stage of a design project can be efficiently and easily achieved with online tools like the Identistyler Survey.


Being eco-friendly ultimately depends on efficiency.  Unnecessary waste is the worst type.  Always remember the basic (but so true) "reduce, reuse, recycle" mantra though out any interior design project.  Efficiently managing your project can have numerous positive environmental effects.   And the small actions all add up. Sending a prospective client a project out line, an Identistyler Survey or your portfolio via email, can even save the gas on an otherwise necessary journey.


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