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Design a Room Online

 To design a room online,a professional must incorporate a fantastic design along with a thorough acknowledgement of the practicalities and preferences of their customer.


These days it's not just us professionals who can design a room online.  Pretty much anyone with internet access and time to spare can do this.  As interior design professionals, one of the challenges that we now face, is to ensure that we produce design pitches far, far superior to anything that a non professional could produce. 


So, in order to design room online, what tools do we professionals have that set us apart? 



A common mistake made by amateurs is not giving enough weight to the less exciting, but very real practicalities and budget.  Software for professionals such as Identistyler is brilliant for gathering and sorting info from the customer and empowers interior designers with everything they need to mesh together all factors, consolidate style preferences and create a spot on pitch, first time.


Next is the CAD we use, or more importantly how we use it.  From training and experience, our applied expert use of these can enable us to design a room onlineto the highest of standards. 


Using software such as Identistyler to understand, guide and implement your potential client’s preferences and needs, and a suitable CAD with which you have experience, you can design a room online that your customer is sure to love.


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