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Design Jobs in Los Angeles

 If you are just starting out in the business and looking for interior design jobs in Los Angeles then there are several things you should consider in order to get ahead in this highly competitive market:


1.  Differentiate yourself

An exciting new online tool that many new interior designers are turning to is Identistyler.  This helps interior designers to win more business and turn as many pitches as possible into deals.  Empowering you to create a superior pitch that is more likely to win the fiercely contested interior design jobs in Los Angeles,  this exciting new tool is also enjoyable for clients, helps them understand what they actually want and need, and makes you life much easier when preparing a pitch.


2. Use the best software

If you are looking for freelance interior design jobs in Los Angeles, then you effectively need set up your own business.  There are numerous websites that offer detailed advice on how to set up your business and business planning.   Your CAD of choice will have a direct impact in your design potential and limitations - be sure to choose one that can fulfill your needs.   


3. Find Jobs

Some great websites for locating interior design jobs in Los Angeles are:


Glass Door



4. Know the industry and promote yourself

Firstly, make sure that you are on top of the general trends and gossip in the industry, while also promoting yourself and your business.   Social media - Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest et al, are great places to do this.  Linkedin in particular can be a great resource for interior design jobs in Los Angeles. 


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