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Bathroom Design Tools

Designing a bathroom is no small feat and should not be undertaken lightly...


A modern bathroom is not just a functional room, but also a refreshing and relaxing haven within the home.   There are many bathroom design tools available to homeowners and Interior designers and decorators alike.   


For interior designers and interior decorators, a bathroom project can be one of the most challenging due to the essential combination of practicality and aesthetic design. 


Using the right bathroom design tools for you is essential. It is one of the rooms that the customer often has the most difficulty deciding upon, and the merging of ideas and practicalities by the interior designer into an outstanding proposal can be a particularly challenging task.    Online tools such as Identistyler can help overcome these issues.


Identistyler is an excellent new software that helps the client understand exactly what they want, need, and what is suitable.  This empowers the designer to create a relevant and winning proposal.  This helps avoid the all too common problem of the client not fully grasping or deciding upon the best design style and requirements for their particular situation.  Products like this should be in every interior designer’s arsenal of bathroom design tools.


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