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How Successful Interior Designers Conduct 'First Client Meetings'

The all important first meeting with potential clients not only determines whether you win the business, but will sets the pace and tone for the rest of the project.   Here's how to get the most out of that meeting...


Win More Business as an Eco Friendly Interior Designer

As an Interior Designer you can also do your bit for the environment and win more business at the same time!  Make sure you are incorporating an eco friendly approach into your design processes: 

TV Design Shows and Interior Online Designing

TV home design shows and interior online designing tools fill home owner’s heads with beautiful ideas and inspirations.

As professionals, this presents us with a new set of challenges that Interior designers 20 years ago did not have to contend with. How to help clients consolidate and communicate their ideas..


Tools for the Online Interior Designer

Important news for the online Interior Designer:

Winning new projects suddenly became (a whole lot) easier !

I think one of the hardest aspects of designing a house or even a restaurant for new clients is getting inside their minds to really nail that first pitch. Tools for the online Interior Designer...


Tools for professional Interior Designers

What tools do we professionals have that set us apart?


To design a room online, a professional must incorporate a fantastic design along with a thorough acknowledgement of the practicalities and preferences of their customer.

These days it's not just us professionals who can design a room online.  Pretty much anyone with internet access and time to spare can do this.  As interior design professionals, one of the challenges that we now face, is to ensure that we produce design pitches far, far superior to anything that a non professional could produce. 

So, in order to design a room online, what tools do we professionals have that set us apart? 

Eco-Friendly Interior Design Tools

 As designers, decorators and architects, we can use our interior design tools to incorporate eco-friendly aspects into almost any home decor or design plan.  Here are our top 5 tips for going green:


Online Tools and Home Decorating Software for Interior designers

There is plenty of home decorating software for interior designers and interior decorators. 

Making the right choice is essential for the success of your business.  In addition to CAD software, there are other online tools and programs that you should consider using to enhance your business.

Top tips on selecting online tools and home decorating software for interior designers



Interior Design Software

Best Interior Design Software. 

An overview of interior design software tools for professional interior designers. Four of the best options are reviewed.  Read a comparison of affordable and free interior design software for new businesses and professional designers and architects. More on the best interior design software...

Bathroom Design Tools

Use the Right Bathroom Design Tools to Ensure the Success of Your Next Bathroom Project


For interior designers and interior decorators, a bathroom project can be one of the most challenging due to the essential combination of practicality and aesthetic design

There are many bathroom design tools available to homeowners and Interior designers and decorators alike.  Tools for Designing a Bathroom