About Us

Identistyler revolutionizes the way interior designers engage with their potential clients!

Identistyler is a marketing & sales platform that provides interior designers, architects & home stylists with all they need to strengthen and boost their businesses. We have created a professional, interactive and personally branded survey that allows professionals to engage with their potential clients in a whole new way.

Identistyler equips designers with all the information they need about their potential clients styling preferences, budget, needs and wishes, before they even meet with them. This immediately gives professionals the competitive edge, enabling them to provide a highly accurate and relevant proposal, and to create a winning design and close the deal.

Our Mission

We want to empower architects and interior designers. The market is full of Sketchup and Homestyler type software but there are no real tools that empower professionals themselves. We are changing all that. That’s it. That’s all. That’s what drives us.

Who Uses Identistyler?

Chances are you know someone who is already hooked on the Identistyler online software tool.

Top-notch professional architects and interior designers, interior decorators, home styling professionals, newly qualified professionals and many students use it to create their first projects.

Get In Touch

For cooperation, ideas and other general enquiries, please email yuval@identistyler.com

For customer support, please email us at support@identistyler.com.